REVEALED: How to Get the RIGHT guy to Notice, Approach & Talk to You


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I really wanted to share something more special here. I’m not just a dating coach you know. In fact, a lot of my expertise comes from human dynamics. I can hear you saying “WHAT THE HELL IS HUMAN DYNAMICS?!?”

Human dynamics is literally the way humans interact. It’s nothing really flashy and special, but I’ve spent my life figuring out exactly what it takes for one person to like another person. It started out in my high school days when I saw the popular kids and I never understood what made them so god damn popular.

I used to think I was one of those kids never invited to parties so I went out of my way to figure out how to get as many people as I could to mine… and well… in the end the only parties people remember were mine.

So where the hell am I going with this?

The other day someone came to me with an interesting situation. She explained to me about she was in a bar and she was chatting to two guys. One guy, she really liked, but his FRIEND really liked her! Obviously, she was stuck making polite conversation with the guy she didn’t like… and well… the whole thing went nowhere.

I answer the question with some interesting human dynamics stuff in this video above!

Oh, and if you’re interested in the human dynamics stuff, I’ve got a bit about body language stuff sprinkled in. Human Dynamics is the more advanced version of dating, so if you can’t spot it send me a message and I’ll explain further. If you can and you have more questions I’d be happy to answer them 😉

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