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how letting go can help cultivate the life you want.


how to heal and step your life up to the next level.


yourself as you truely desire.

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The Fear of Professionalism

The fear of professionalism.

The fear of professionalism is actually the fear of what happens if we might admit to ourselves that we are good at something. New questions come up and in this video we discuss those questions.

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Emotional Jiu-Jitsu with Sharam Namdarian

What is Emotional Jiu-Jitsu?

Emotional Jiu-Jitsu is serious business. It is the art of giving back the energy that you’ve been given. Through the process of healing, one accidentally becomes a master of handling new emotions.

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What is a core wound?

A core wound is a blockage with extra steps. In this article we break down what a core wound is, a blockage and why you shouldn’t really take it any more seriously on your healing journey.

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Stop Trying too Hard to Like Yourself.

Do you find yourself trying too hard to like yourself? In this article we discuss the process of healing the blocks to positive self image. Often we try so hard to like ourselves… and that is the problem.

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Anger is Power in Disguise

Anger isn’t an emotion to shy away from. Anger, when healed, is power in disguise. In this article we break down what exactly anger is, how suppressed anger can hurt you and how healing the anger in your life leaves you dealing with your problems AS they come up, not later on when bigger issues occur.

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