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Sharam Namdarian

World renowned Emotional Healer, Relationship Expert and Life Coach, Sharam Namdarian works with the root cause of all life problems. For a breakthrough to really occur, there MUST be an element of healing involved, otherwise we often bring our old problems to the changes we make in our life.

Sharam has coached hundreds people in over 25 countries.

From a wide variety of situations and cultural backgrounds.


One on one coaching is a private (or couples/group) emotional coaching session which puts you and your current situation in the hands of a world renowned expert.

Working directly with Sharam, you will work hands on resolving and healing many long lasting issues, from relationship issues to confidence.


By solving the emotional issues around you and your life, partner, career, health, money, body, sex life and more, you start to create something that is easy, effortless and life long.

A blockage is any thought, belief, idea, emotion or what ever that gets in the way. By looking at the blockages and healing them you show your nervous system how to handle the same emotion and situation every single time. Resolving situations. both short term and LONG term.

Sharam Namdarian

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Discover how Priyanka learned Deep Self Love Through Private Coaching

Through Coaching, Priyanka discovered a deeper sense of self love, she noticed her mindsets change and shift. She stopped getting entangled in her own victim mentalities, in her relationships and also in her life. More testimonials below.

Nancy learned to break down her walls through private coaching.

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Some outcomes:

The rule with emotional healing is very simple:

Bad goes to good, good goes to great, great goes to amazing.

This means, no matter where your relationship is at, you can turn up the level to its natural next level by healing any issues or blockages you have in your current situation.

This can be done as an individual or in couples.


Ok ok, so hear me out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re currently in a relationship or single, and it doesn’t matter what ever your situation is, the rule is simple!

Heal your relationship before, during and even after sex and you will TURBO CHARGE IT!

This doesn’t always mean your sex life will turn into a scene from a pornography (although that sometimes IS the case). What this means though, is you start opening up to more AUTHENTIC sexual experiences.

Authentic experiences often refer to sexual experiences that are more honest than before. They might be slow, or fast or sensual or kinky. It doesn’t matter, because it will become more of a flow and a dance between you and your partner.

This can be done as an individual or in couples.

This is super important.

Sometimes in relationships people are running a pattern, a script if you will.

We are doing what makes others happy, but NOT what makes US happy. Through coaching and emotional healing, you can start to let go of those thoughts and ideas and start to witness what you genuinely want.

It might even surprise you what that is, or you might already know and be unable to admit that to yourself.

Is your marriage in a rut?

Well, coaching is here to SAVE THE DAY!

Together with a Sharam, you can start to heal the blocks towards a higher relationship with your life partner. Together, you will look at your thoughts, feelings and ideas and start to heal them, in order to create a truely authentic and loving relationship.

Some people also might like this as they keep wanting the next and best thing.

This can be done as an individual or in couples. PREFERABLY COUPLES FOR BEST OUTCOME.

There might be a time when a relationship has to end. This can either be as a result of actually trying to create an amazing relationship.

Maybe you’re even in a situation where a break up is happening or you’re STUCK in grief.

Healing your relationship with relationships ending, grief and any other emotions that might come up as a result can smooth the whole process out.

This isn’t suppression, which can cause a life time of problems down the track, this is deep inner love.

It CAN be painful, but it can allow the process to go its natural course.

Usually the grief cycle of the end of a relationship lasts a LOT longer because as a society, we have not been taught to deal with it.

This can be done as an individual or in couples.

Deep down, we have a deep sense of happiness. One that is UNSHAKABLE. 

Life can still get you down, you can still get depressed, hurt, upset, what ever.

Unconditional happiness is NOT a manic high, but a deep resounding solidarity within yourself. One that recognises and loves the good and the bad.

Through coaching and healing your relationship with love, hate, pain, yourself, and everything that can possibly get you down, you’ll start to recognise the deeper unshakable happiness that is already within you.

Coaching is ALWAYS long lasting.


You cannot step away from coaching without a new sense of self-awareness and inner-freedom.

In many ways, since we are showing your body at a deep level of how to traverse hard and sticky emotions, any time a situation that is similar crocks up, you will notice a new level of ability that you never had before.

Coaching and emotional healing has an ability to cross into other parts of life as well, as similar emotions crop up in different situations.

We can often be confused about who we really are and where we are going in life.

Through emotional healing and coaching, breaking down the false walls of self can help you discover truely and deeply who and what you are.

That usualy us… welll… AMAZING!

A side effect of the healing process is instant emotional growth.

An ability to see within yourself and others things you haven’t been able to see before.

It is pretty damn cool to experience.

How do you feel about yourself?

Self love is what ever you want it to be, and once the blocks have been healed you’ll discover more and more of an undying gratitude towards yourself.

Really does make life easier.


Time to heal deep trauma!

Sounds nuts? Well, it is!

The first thing Sharam did when he discovered this process myself was dissolve my own depression. 

What is constantly plaguing you?

There is a thing that happens called “EMOTIONAL TIME TRAVEL” where we can, through coaching and healing, dissolve so many past issues at their source.

Often people will act in a way and at the age that a trauma cycle one started.

This can happen with any other outcome you decide, but also, it can be its own pursuit.

Deep forgiveness of others is great but we are also talking about deep forgiveness in yourself. 

We are human, we make mistakes.

Healing can dissolve the blocks from seeing life as it is and as it was. That at the time you were doing the best you did with what you knew.

It is time to forgive yourself. Time to heal.


We can say it once, we can say it twice and then we can say it a thousand times!

We as human race and individuals are the ones that make them hard. We are attracted to bad relationships or even addicted to troublesome situations.

Sometimes we get stuck in these situations because of some unconscious belief about relationships that has to be healed.

Any form of anxiety and depression you have can often be linked to an unprocessed or unhealed part of ones self. Often even the inability to feel those emotions.

It can be hard or scary, but once resolved, your body can handle that emotion.

This is a journey that can be either rather quick or slow, depending on the amount of blockages a person has.

The change is lifelong.

This is not a numbing of one’s self but a deep acceptance.

Yes, I said it. Healing not only gives you a better attention to detail for you to work on your appearance but the real truth is:


Meaning, that often our emotions are written on our face, that the prettiest person genetically can look and appear repulsive as their issues are transmitted across the tiny micro-muscles in their face.

One thing that can happen during a coaching session is a before and after photo taken DURING the call, and you’ll see a HUGE difference. These photos are private.

How exactly do you “get better” at dating? Well, let me tell you!

It is not about our dating lives, but our connection with that dating life. Our thoughts and belief that dictate how they go.

Generally put, “think dating is hard and it will be so!”

This statement can piss a LOT of people off, as it is easy to blame the other party but learning to heal your relationship with dating can turn it into over drive.

Through coaching and emotional healing, since you will less worried or concerned about anything that possibly plagued you before, you are more free to just “be yourself” in the dating world, which, you will discover, is enough.

You will also discover a resounding new level of clarity. You will start to develop a level of insight into your romantic situations that you’ve never had before.

Sounds too good to be true? Trust me, it gets even better than that!

Sharam is constantly learning and evolving the technology behind emotional healing to solve new problems.


For more information read this article:   What happens as a result of a coaching call



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Includes complimentary text message coaching for nuanced coaching purposes.


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