A mental trick to help you let go.


In this newsletter we discuss a mental trick to help you let go and make space for a new solution in your life.

There’s an interesting thing that happens at the end of big Hollywood movies.

You know the thing that scene that usually happens at the end when the main character is down in their dumps. They’ve pretty much failed at whatever they were trying to do and are feeling pretty lousy because of it. They’ve tried to achieve a certain goal but to no avail, life is pretty lousy at that moment.

Then, “the redemption” happens. It is in that moment they have space for something new to happen. This either comes in the form of a realisation or a divine intervention. They either realise something about the problem they were trying to solve or themselves (or the villain they were trying to defeat) or somebody comes along and tells them something new.

I’d share some examples about this, but honestly, I don’t want to ruin any movies haha.

While movies can sometimes be reminiscent of life (and sometimes not, I’m looking at you Spiderman), this aspect definitely is. I’ve seen it many times over. 

A person tries to achieve something, fails and refuses to accept defeat. Eventually, they do and they learn something new.

For me, a good example was giving up the title Harvey Hooke (if you knew me back then) because as much as I tried to hide behind what I thought a successful person looked like, it didn’t get me where I wanted to go. I had one day where I felt so shit that I decided to give it up. I let go. Pretty soon, at that moment I learned that I was enough all along, that  I didn’t need to hide behind a stage name. I learned when I accept myself, other people do also.

The main point of this email is that the similarities between movies and real-life and my story is, that often it is in our darkest moments when we accept defeat do we learn to let go of the very thing that is holding us back.

And life tends to force us to let go whether we like it or not, but often when life does it it can be quite painful.

So, today, I want to invite you to, as quick coaching via email thing, to pick off a problem with your life. Now, imagine as if you’ve finally accepted that problem. Imagine you’re going to have to live with that problem for the rest of your life.

That might be painful, but, you might realise at that moment that it’s not so dire.

You might find peace in the moment.

You might let go (which is what I am all about).

When you let go of the problem, you leave space for the solution to occur.

An example from a dear friend of mine.
He lived in a city in America that he hated, and wanted to move to New York. Finally, when he accepted the city that he lived in, did his girlfriend get a job in New York THE NEXT WEEK and now they live there together.

The energy of the universe has no resistance, but we bring it there.

So try it now, and email me back what you think. I’d love to know.


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