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Have you blocked yourself from your own dreams? In this newsletter, I invite you to do one thing: Dare to dream

hey *|FNAME|*,

Today, I share a quick email. Nothing too busy, nothing to crazy. Just a simple statement.

You might already know it.

Today, I want to invite you to dream.

Recently, I’ve been on my healing journey. 2020, for some, has been especially hard. Life, for others, has consistently been hard.

I speak to people on the daily, and some mask their pain. They are incapable of saying things are bad because even admitting that would invite more pain. Others are going into spirals where they are just happy to feel slightly less bad.

I share this today because again, I invite you to something.

Today, again, I want to invite you to dream.

So, the reason why I say because as I talk to people, there are those who are in pain that they deny themselves their own dreams. They might feel like they can never get there or that they are un-realistic. They might feel like their dreams are painful.

I share this from my own perspective on my own healing and letting go journey. As I’ve healed and let go of my pain and anxiety, I honestly have realised that I held myself back from my own desires and dreams. They were too painful. Not only that, but they were also so big and my internal pain was so acute that I had to force them out of my head.

One day, however, I woke up. I realised that I had been afraid of dreaming. The disappointment of not achieving something or saying I was going to do something and letting myself down was so great that I had numbed myself to my own desires.

That day, I woke up, I realised that it was ok to dream. Maybe disappointment and hurt around desires was also something to let go of. Maybe, if I could let them go, and let go of every other thing that I felt towards my goal, I might just get there.

And yes, that is what started to happen.

So, today, I have a simple question for you:

Do you have a dream that you’ve told yourself was too big, or unrealistic? I’m offering a quick little email coaching session here. If you email me back with something that you’ve desired but shut yourself off from and why you’ve done that, I’ll give you some insights into your soul and what to let go of next to manifest your desires.

Thanks for reading.


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