Heal Yourself.


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In this article, we will be discussing the concept of healing yourself. Self-healing. The process of letting go and moving forward. Healing one’s self is a process that is best facilitated. If your heart tells you,
“You need to figure it out on your own,” I can tell you now that you’re never figuring it out on your own. You’re based in a society, if you are reading this then you have access to the internet. The only people who “do it alone” are the ones who tell themselves that to make themselves feel better about themselves when really it is another self-delusion.

The process of healing one’s self is itself oxymoronic. You are not “healing” yourself as you were never broken. Words such as ‘healing,’ or ‘trauma’ or ‘wounds’ are often misquoted. It is much more accurate to the process to say:

Instead of healing, it is forgiveness.

Instead of trauma, it is stress and lessons you carried with you.

Instead of wounds, it is a thought process that perpetuated.


There are those who attempt to heal because they believe to themselves that they have a core wounding. Their very certain that something happened to them, in this life or another, and that they must heal themselves. The fact that you can be wounded emotionally is somewhat a fallacy. You can and you cannot. You can because it can be interpreted as such, but you cannot because you are always wholly you. Some people who believe that they need to be healed will be very good at finding things to heal. Some are even good at hurting themselves so they can heal. I know I was like that in the past.

I say that healing, at a much deeper level, is about forgiveness because at one point along the way we got hurt and we never dealt with it. The little girl/boy heard something and interpreted it in a way that perpetuated a hurt they had learned from somewhere else. The little girl/boy learned how to be hurt by their parents, other children or the media. It was a learned behavior. On an emotional spectrum, we are the ones who hurt ourselves. We hurt ourselves through others, through our thoughts, through love, through food, through dance. We hurt ourselves through everything that can be also used to bring us the joy we were potentially destined to experience as well.

It is our job now as a race to forgive ourselves from the pain we have perpetuated so we may see clearly into who we are and what we are in every present moment in time.

Forgive yourself, others, your parents and more.

Healing and forgiveness does not start always with yourself. Sometimes it is worth understanding that you need to forgive your parents on behalf of them.

“I’m sorry mother that you never saw that the other kids loved you.”
“I’m sorry father that you never saw that you were good enough, the truth is you were always good enough.”

You’re not always going to get it right, and you can’t always do it, so it is worth letting go of what healing looks like to you in the end.

We are here to heal the world, and through healing do you discover how whole you were already, and how deep your soul goes. Sometimes we build our reality on the bedrock of pain, so when the pain goes, you can see who you truely are in every present moment.

How will you know if you’ve healed something?

You will know that you’ve healed something if the world seems a little bit different to you. Even 0.001% different is still a sign. It will be apparent to you when it is no longer a big deal.

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