Healing the Blocks to Love with Sharam Namdarian


Healing the Blocks to Love online course

2.5 Hours healing the blocks to effortless love, sex and relationships

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Turbo charge your love life, your sex life and ALL your relationships.

Why Heal the Blocks to Love

Honestly, throughout all of Sharam’s history of helping people in relationships, it always came back to this. A majority of the time people didn’t really have to learn anything new, but unlearn what blocked them. Now, turning this into a study at home course, Sharam takes you on a journey to explore what your blocks are and start allowing love to flow to you. Creating easy effortless relationships, sex, dating and more.

2.5 Hours Broken Down into...

30 Mins: What a Blockage is

30 Mins: What Healed Relationships Look Like

30 Mins: Time for Some Healing

30 Mins: Some Major Blocks to Love

30 Mins: The Path for Creating Deeper Relationships

Take this course if...

You want effortless relationships/dating

You know you deserve better relationships

You want more passion in your sex life.

You want to heal your relationships

You want to resolve long standing problems in your love life.

Take control of your life through the power of emotional healing and surrender.

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