How to Be More Attractive To Your Partner


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Attraction is the lifeblood of a relationship. It is the core building block that builds the house of your love. Attraction itself comes in many forms, physical, romantic, sexual and more. It is not something you can force but more something you “un-force.” You cannot speed it up but you can slow it down.

If you’re in a situation where you want to be more attractive to your partner/lover/boyfriend/girlfriend we have to ask why you want that first. Some people want to be more attractive because they are trying to control their partner. Others feel like they have to be more attractive because they don’t already feel it enough. Other people can feel like it is a sort of bargain.
“If I am more attractive, then I shall be loved more.”

Your attraction levels to other humans is not dictated by your physical appearance (although that adds to it) nor is it dictated by your own thoughts of how attractive you are. Those manifestations of your attractive levels are always and always will be temporary.

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever met anybody who lit up a room? Have you ever met anybody who let up a room and they weren’t ‘conventionally’ attractive by any means?

The physical nature of attraction is that you are already pre-destined to be as attractive as you can be and in your own unique way. You are already destined to be fabulous, powerful, sexual, sensual, alluring, seductive, inviting, flirtatious, vibrant. You are already destined for that because it is part of who you are. You cannot be “more attractive” in any way that you can change the alignment of the stars but you can go deeper in what makes you distinctively attractive.

Before You Go Deeper…

Before you go deeper into what makes you attractive, we first have to shed the layers that stop you from seeing it. In fact, if you have any job to do in your life (not just attraction) it is thus: to shed the emotional layers you’ve accumulated over your entire life. The only thing stopping other people from seeing how attractive you are those niggling little thoughts and feelings.

“He won’t like me.”
“I’m too fat.”
“I’m not their type.”

When we think these thoughts we dull our raw vibrant essence. We clutter up our vibration. We dull our metaphysical blade. There are some people who read this who might say that they never have those thoughts, and to those I point out little internal stresses that you might have. The more you let go of your past and fears, the more you make space for people to love you, hold you, want to be with you and more.

You cannot be seen by people if you have no space to be seen by them.

How to go deeper…

The truth is, when discovering what makes you uniquely attractive you’re not really in control. As stated earlier, if you want to be in control you have to let go of control. Let go of your fears. At this stage you’ll have mental space for a raw state of your awareness to observe objectively how you fit into the world around you. Those thoughts of,
“I’m too fat,” will replace with,
“I’m really actually quite attractive.”

You go deeper with it because you have space to notice what is already there. Space to see the light that you shine out. This is why there is no real goal here because creating a goal only clogs your emotional pipes even more.

What about clothes/makeup/etc?

Well, it is true that these two enhance your physical appearance, what I am talking about here is your metaphysical appearance. The life force that creates attraction to you that when people meet you they will think,
“I can’t help but feel attracted to this person.”
“They are usually not my type but wow.”

I say this because not only have I experienced this personally, but held my clients through to experience it as well. The judgment of yourself and judgment of others hold you back from being the full being that you are.

To love yourself is to forgive yourself and to let go of all that you are and think you are to make space for the spontaneous creation of who you really are.

It is then, in those moments where you act spontaneously does your raw essence come to surface. It is then that people find you most glorious. They see your unspeakable truth and want more of it. If you’ve made enough space for it, you’ll see this moment itself.

Thank you for reading.

Sharam Namdarian Xx

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