How to Get His Attention


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We all know this is bullshit right? I mean, I can’t be the only one saying this. Why the hell would you want to get his attention in the first place? Some people have their reasons. They have reasons like,
“I want his attention because then he can give me love.”

BUT. Here’s the truth. The big-whopping-slap-in-your-face-truth. It was never his job to give you love AND it was never his job to make you happy, so why the hell do you want his attention?!


I get this a lot, and now it’s time for me to take you guys to school about this. The age-old question that you see online.
“HOW TO GET HIS ATTENTION.” Which then leads you to read articles like,
“5 WAYS TO GET HIS ATTENTION” which, I have been guilty of writing and making videos about in the past (for good reason).

The reason that I am writing this article, which is designed to debunk the truth, is that I want you to stop trying to get his attention. Sure, it’s good to get his attention and there will be times where you try but it never comes from a good place.


We want somebody’s attention because it will make us feel good about ourselves. This is an EXTERNAL point of reference here and when you are externally referencing your happiness, it can be taken away.

We want somebody’s attention when we are feeling down and we want somebody else to pick us up. There is no problem with this if that person wants to give it to you, but ultimately this is not the goal that we want for ourselves. Instead, we want to flip the paradigm.


Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you’ll ever have. PERIOD. It was even painful for me to even write the above part of his article because I had to tap into a certain point of lack in myself to even relate to it. The thing is when you recognise that you can be happy unconditionally and be in love unconditionally, suddenly you don’t want it from others.

When you don’t want it from others, you slip from a state of FORCE to a state of INVITING.


When you force love, you know you are because your mind is coming up with tactics and strategies to help you get somebody to love you. This means you are externally referencing because you are yet to discover a key fundamental belief that can really help you through it.


This cliche has been thrown around the internet a lot, and not many people know what it means. It means, that you don’t try so bloody hard. It means that you’re ok not taking action just as much as you are ok taking action. This means that you’re ok letting go of the rope in life knowing that you’ll get where you want to go no matter what!

Feeling like you are enough can be a practised thought, but when we work together you’ll find that tapping into the feeling that you are enough is a simple as snapping your fingers. It doesn’t have to be a lifelong battle, it can be a single moment in time!

What happens next is astounding.


In this state, you start to invite love into your life. You chase you and as a result, you make yourself more interesting! You’re not trying to please others, so there is less resistance. As a result, you end up pleasing them more in ways that you can’t possibly imagine right now. Instead of trying to get his attention, you’ll get his attention by accident.

This is why, often in my posts and articles, I’ll relate love to gravity, and people to planets. You’ll find your space in the stars and increase your gravitational field by focusing on yourself. If you focus on other people first, you’ll end up dropping your energetic level and dissipate your gravitational field. You’ll hurt your relationship long run.


I get this a lot, and I get a lot of people who this didn’t work for. I find a few people are taught at an early age that the key to a successful marriage or relationship is to look after your partner first, but pretty soon it falls apart. Disillusioned, they come to me. You see, it is important to look after somebody else in your relationship, but it is MORE important to look after yourself. How do you expect to look after somebody else if you have no energy for it.

For example, look at a charity. Even a charity has to make money in order to survive, so maybe, just maybe, it’s important for the charity to look after itself.

Instead, it is a “PLEASE YOURSELF FIRST TO PLEASE YOUR PARTNER” type arrangement, and it ALWAYS HAS BEEN! Some people just are getting ready to be aware of that while others are already!

Thanks for reading.

Sharam Namdarian Xx


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