Negative Thoughts Can be Good


Negative thoughts can be a good thing, if you let them be. You just have to know how to let them go.

Life is hard for some.

Sometimes we have negative thoughts that hold us back.

Othertimes we have other people telling us negative things that hold us back.

Regardless of what you feel you’re at, it is part of the human condition to experience negative thoughts from time to time.

And different people react differently to those thoughts.

Some people love them. They live in their sadness and pain. It brings them joy and happiness to feel down. This makes pain their new emotional home.

There are others that hate and resist them. It hurts them to feel hurt, so they do everything within their power to avoid that feeling. This makes their life one of avoidance and still, consequently, pain. 

The truth is, as you will discover, as we’ve ventured down this path that negative thoughts are actually a portal. They are a portal to the very thing we desire.

hear me out, a story example.

Imagine you have negative thoughts about people not liking you and general social anxiety.

That is a sign that you’re destined for greater love and social connection. You would not have those feelings (or those feelings would not be important if you did not desire or were not destined for greater social heights and connections.

Now, sometimes it is hard for us to be social and connect with others while we have these negative thoughts. It is like our mind goes one way and our heart goes another. Cognitive dissonance.

Instead of trying to avoid feeling this way, I invite you to let it go. Let go of your negative feelings (even for a moment) and also, let go of our feelings about the feelings.

Do you hate feeling socially anxious? Can you let go of the hate of feeling socially anxious? can you just feel socially anxious without the extra story and layers we’ve added to it? Can you let it pass? can you even ultimately let go of the social anxiety, even for a moment?

If you can, then the emotion passes. It also loses magnitude. Suddenly social anxiety doesn’t seem so bad. Suddenly, you’ve evolved passed it and are ok feeling it just as much as you’re ok not feeling it.

Usually, when you have truly let something go, a concluding thought occurs. You realise when you started becoming socially anxious and where it might have come from. Then, eventually, you realise that you never had to be anxious in the first place.

That may be, the anxiety was just excitement.

Maybe, you were socially excited.

Thanks for reading.


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