The One Ingredient People Miss in Their Dating Lives (the Big P Word)


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Here’s One thing that a lot of people miss in their dating lives:

So I’ve been working with a lot of people recently, more than ever before, but I’ve really noticed one thing that has been affecting a lot of people’s dating lives. I often find that a lot of people are going on dates with people that they don’t find interesting at all, or later on they find out that he was a jerk. The thing is, while a big point about dating is the fact that it is about finding a person who MATCHES you, there’s also a huge element that is under your control.

One unique way that you can look at dating is to treat it like you’re creating a clay sculpture. At the start, it’s going to look like a lump of clay, and if you’re expecting it to be a masterpiece then you’re going to have a bad time. The truth is, when you’re working with clay you can create something that is truly unique… unfortunately if when you work with someone else to make an amazing sculpture (so… you’re in a relationship) you will often find you have to work with someone else. Give them too much control and you’ll end up with something that you don’t want… take too much control and it’s not really a relationship.

So what is the big secret ingredient? The big ingredient when creating ANY form of artwork is to realise that it is all about the big P… and no… I don’t mean a certain male appendage. I am referring to PATIENCE. Patience is the big value that will help you develop a relationship that is truly unique. I am not saying you have to be patient with every guy even if you’re a miss match… but what I AM saying is that you have to be patient with a guy if you see a potential. If he isn’t that amazing incredible guy that you’re hoping for, just like a clay sculpture, it might need a little bit of time and a little bit of patience to see where it can grow.


We often get caught up in that Hollywood-style romance, where sparks fly as soon as you meet somebody. While for some people that might be true, for a good majority of the people it does take time. You are a truly unique person and so is he, so chances are both of you have some interesting dimensions to you, and guess what? Those dimensions take some time to uncover.

On the first date you might find that you only get to experience each other at one level, and on the second you’ll get to know each other at another level. While you might think that most guys are just sex hungry beasts, the truth is that is only one dimension of being human. If you give it a second chance, there’s so much more chance for the potential to evolve and extrapolate. 


Till next time, thank’s so much for reading. This was the first article I have written in a while. If you enjoyed it make sure to leave a comment and maybe I’ll write a few more for you 😉



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