Awesome and Congrats

You Booked Your Call!

Get Ready for Your Call with

You booked your call, awesome! When you book a call like this you make a commitment to yourself that you want to open your heart up to more of life, love and everything in between.

You Have Homework!

Before the call?! What? Well, yes you do. There are a few things to do before the call.

1. Add Sharam on Skype

Please confirm it within one hour of receiving this email otherwise you may forfeit the call. You confirm it by adding Sharam on Skype and sending him a message. If you’ve already done this, ignore this step!

You can confirm your call by finding, adding me and sending me a message on skype

My Skype ID is or 

2. Set Your Intent.

It’s time to set your intent. Usually, we do things for a reason. Even if that reason is unaware to us. Take some time to think about what you want to get out of coaching. What you want to learn, what layers you want to shed and how easy you want life to be. 

If there’s anything you wish to share prior to the call, feel free to email Sharam at

3. Find a Quiet Space

It is super important that during the call we are in an uninterrupted space as much as possible. This means, no calls while riding the bus or driving the car. If you’ve got kids or pets that interrupt the call, that is ok, you’ve got responsibilities. Sharam will ask you if it can be just you and him on the call because he might ask you to do some deep meditation. Any interruptions will destroy any benefit you get.

4. Get ready!

Getting ready just means getting excited! There’s not much more to remember, or to do. All of the things Sharam asks you for now are really quite simple. The rest, will be just as simple, because the best transformations are the most simple.

That is all for now, so get ready and get excited.

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