The Spiritual Trap


Discover the spiritual trap that some gurus and teachers fall into...

There’s something I’ve noticed in the last couple of months when it comes to spiritual teachers and gurus. Basically, any person you might see online who is an influencer… even myself sometimes.

Without a lack of a better word for this, let’s call this “the Spiritual Trap.”

The spiritual trap is an interesting phenomenon that occurs when a teacher of sorts confuses their own feelings with the great work that they are doing. The great work being, any role that they have to play in society.

Now, I know I normally write about letting go but bear with me for a bit, I’ll get to that.

An example might be, a life coach who normally deals with anxiety and depression might be suffering from anger issues with their relationship. Then, they use their platform and influence to vent their anger issues.

Typically, it is hard to spot. 

The reason why it is hard to spot is that their content and their work online has a general theme. When they use their platform to vent their issues, it is often disguised as support.

I call attention to this today for several reasons.

1. I’ve personally coached people in the spiritual trap, and watched their content. Their content will tend to be around trying to bring down some enemy if they have to have issues with their love life. Once that issue is resolved, suddenly their content is happy and healthy again.

2. I’m the one who has to mop up the mess.

I also call this to your attention today because of a very simple reason:

Typically, what we vent out is what we have to let go off in order to heal and reach the next stage in our human evolution.

I call this phenomenon the “Spiritual trap” because, the teacher themselves, are trapped. Only when they let go of their anger, pain, anxiety, hurt feelings, frustration etc, will they be set free.

And the same goes for you.

Thanks for reading.


P.s. Want to know how I can spot this? Not just because I have personally coached a number of coaches and watched their content change, but because you can see what you are no longer stuck in.

If you have let something go and are free from it, you’ll be able to see it in others. Then, you get a choice, do you help them out of it, or do you see that they need to be in that space right now?

The freedom to help others is also the freedom to say no to doing so if that is what you need at the time.

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