Things in life won’t always make sense


If you're struggling to make sense of life, this article is for you. In it, we talk about the nature of self-trust so you can navigate the obscurity of life

Ok, here’s some advice I had to learn the hard way…

That things in life aren’t always going to make sense, and it’s ok if it doesn’t.

I say this as somebody who is an avid performer of exploring what it means to push one’s self and as an avid explorer of the soul.

That sometimes in life, things aren’t going to make sense.

You’re not going to know why you did something. 
You’re not going to know why you desire to do something.
You’re not going to know what your reasons are.

That our actions don’t always have a perfectly understandable logic.

As I explore people’s paths, working with deep healing techniques on people, this is often a thing that comes up. 

That often with some people there can be a disdain for the illogical. That sometimes people, looking back at their path, were never happy with their choices or never fully understood why they did something.

This can cause issues down the line, massive amounts of self-resentment and damaging self-toxic behaviours (even if we aren;t aware of it).

This thought process also naturally blocks them from being able to see the truth.

My personal understanding of it all is that sometimes we are called do so something crazy and it will not always make sense at the time.

But with a little time, patience and self-trust, the answer becomes obvious.

It might not all at once, and that’s why I used the word self-trust.

Here’s the thing about self-trust:

Trusting yourself that you have a reason to do something, no matter what it is, no matter how illogical or crazy it might seem is actually stating a fact about yourself.

You have your reasons even if the reasons are so deep that it doesn’t make sense at the time (or even years later).

Self-trust in this case is merely knowing this fact.

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