This week I was locked out of my house in nothing but a robe.


when I was locked out of the house, I learned something new.

I’ve let go of something big this week.

This week I was locked out of my house. Nothing big, but a gust of wind blew the door shut while I was doing a run to the rubbish bin and the deadbolt snapped shut on the harsh slamming of the door.

I was locked out, wearing nothing but a robe.

I thought it was pretty comical. So I went around the back and through the back fence hoping the backdoor was open.

Guess what? The back fence door was unlocked, but the backdoor was. At least I could sit on the porch while I waited for my girlfriend to finish her call she was on. I didn’t want to disturb her so I waited.

I then decided to record a youtube video. I was locked out and in a robe and I wanted to at least be productive.

I actually found this video extremely hard to record. I’m always writing lists on what I want to write about and usually have a bit of production value planned in my head.

This time, I couldn’t. I’ve learned a lot about letting go and surrender and realised I needed to surrender to my desire to make a video.

This means, letting go of all the other stuff and limiting beliefs around videos. 

Up until this point, I believed I had to have all these limiting beliefs around my channel. That I had to look good, dress a certain way or my videos had to look a certain way…

As I was stuck outside with nothing but my desire to record a video, surrendering to that, I let go of all those thoughts and realised it was just two things.

Me and the camera, and also you guys 😉

So I recorded one. Since then, I’ve been recording one once a day. Will I keep it up? Who knows, but it’s nice to know that it’s really the content and ideas that make sense.

If you’ve ever been through a similar experience, please let me know. Email me back, I want to know!

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