Try this to Make Him GO CRAZY about you…


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)


Do you want to learn something that will DRIIIIVE MEN CRAZY?

The secret in this is in the waiting.

Just like when you’re going out for dinner and you spend time looking at the menu. All of a sudden everybody else is getting their food and you spend time just waiting… and watching.

When you get the food you’re a hell of a lot more hungry and excited for the food…. imagine if you were the meal… and the guy was waiting for you for a while… HE WOULD BE SO GOD DAMN HUNGRY FOR YOU that he would pretty much do ANYTHING for you….



If you want to try something new and exciting, I want to teach you the POWER OF ANTICIPATION. You don’t have to ACT on anything, but I want to show you something if you’ll let me.

Go through your phone, and find a guy that you’ve been seeing… or you’re interested in…  (or even a guy that you’ve stopped seeing if you haven’t got anybody you’re seeing now).

Just send him the following message….


“There’s something about you that’s been stuck on my mind recently, I need to tell you about it later…”

Might his response say something like…

“oh really? tell me about it now?”

With this, I really hope you get to see that a message like this is going to DRAW HIM INTO YOUR REALITY WITH CURIOSITY. It’s sexually ambiguous and really exciting for a guy to hear because he will just want to unravel the mystery.

I want you to USE THIS MESSAGE and let me know the results. I bet you’ll learn something new. This will be your secret weapon.

Till next time…

Stay Humble, Stay Hungry Xx

Sharam Namdarian 😉
Author, International Dating & Human Dynamics Coach

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