Why A Guy Disapears on You


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

Honestly, we’ve all had it. You might be seeing somebody and you think it’s going really well only to find one day that he just stopped texting. This phenomenon that I am talking about is the modern idea of “ghosting” where, you guessed it, a guy just disappears and turns into a ghost!



Generally, this happens after a few dates, but it is really due to a number of reasons. The funny thing is, you thought it was going really well so why did it end up so badly? Why did he stop texting you?

Imagine what it could be like if a guy was clear about his intentions? This would be the world where life became a little bit easier. You see, the world is filled with people (not just men) who are afraid to express themselves. This is because of a lot of people area afraid to get hurt. This is why sex becomes a topic so many people are afraid of as well because so many people turn themselves numb to their own desires, wants and needs.


There’s a single concept I want you to understand here if you’re to move forward with your life in general. Understanding this idea is so crucial that when you get it, it makes life a little bit easier. When you GET IT, you’re going to stop looking at your love life as the be-all-and-end-all of your happiness and start looking at it realistically and in a much more wholesome way.

That secret that I want to talk to you today is the idea that it’s about feelings. Remember how I mentioned earlier how feelings and self-expression is one of the hardest things for a lot of modern people to do? Well, it’s just about that, understanding his feelings! Most guys, if they decide to ghost you, have already decided that for one reason or another. It’s because a “blockage” has come up. In my Ghosting Survival Guide, I discuss those reasons in detail but a blockage is something that is stopping him from continuing it further.

The thing that sucks is that commonly people decide that it is easier to just end the relationship than to deal with these blockages. If this happens the best thing you can do is consider it a blessing! Dating is about having standards, and you should set it as a new standard to be with somebody who can express themselves clearly. They might not be the best at it, but if they are willing to find out and discuss what’s wrong, then THAT is the foundation of a healthy relationship.


One place that a lot of guys will put women in is in the “limbo-zone.” This is JUST AS BAD as ghosting! If you’ve ever been in a position where a guy won’t commit, but he will text you every now and then just to check in, that’s because he’s just trying to keep you on a string but he’s not quite sure what he will do with you when he gets you. If that’s you, RUN AWAY NOW!

You deserve so much more than that, you deserve to become a goddess.



If you want to know more about the ghosting survival guide, you can click the image below to find out more 🙂



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