2020 sucked but it also had the potential to be good.


2020 sucked. Did it suck for you? Overall, for many people this year sucked hard. It did, however, provide oportunities for great inner healing.

Ok, 2020 for many people sucked.

but overall 2020 didn’t have to be that bad.

Forests burned.

The entire world went into a state of emergency with covid.

Titans turned.

Quite a lot of people used lockdown as a reason to gain weight.

My grandmother passed away.

Basically, shit happened.

Overall, however, was it that bad? For many people, yes, but for many people who were lucky to be on the outskirts of a lot of the issues of this year, it proved to be a learning experience.

It was possible for this year to be an incredibly powerful learning experience year. It is what I call a “foundational year,” where it provided emotional foundations to turn the 20s into something quite amazing.


Because for a lot of us, we got stronger.

We were exposed to some of the bullshits of the world and put in positions where we had to deal.

We were also put in positions where we had to heal.

Our focus had to shift. Paradigms were shaken. As a result, we would have come to the same habits with a whole new mind, allowing us to perceive different things in what we would consider “The Mundane.”

Overall, for many 2020 sucked. It was bullshit.
It also has the ability to be great. A foundational year for greater things to come.

What happened to you this year?

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