Answering YOUR Dating Questions!


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These are the questions we answer!

1. Getting a date – there’s always banter at the start (online dating) but after the usual hi’s and usual questions – most guys in my experience never arrange further (and I’m tired of chasing and organising).

2. Sex – sure go with the flow n moment but early on isn’t working.

3. What to write on profile – it’s changed so much

1. Met online- bantered back and forth like we had already known each other for years. Now that we have met numerous times in the past few weeks I feel we are too much in the friend zone.

2. Sex is now kind of awkward, I’m the one that usually initiates it and he tells me I make him nervous, as in he worries I think he won’t be “up to par” so to speak.

3. We have been seeing each other 1-2 times a week for about 5 weeks. I still see other people. We haven’t had the talk about being exclusive, I’m in no hurry but he jokes/makes comments about it as if he knew. Not sure what he wants from me.

1. Online Dating – What to write on your profile to attract the serious guys and also what questions to ask to weed out the players and non-serious guys.

2. What to say when approaching someone in public to strike up a conversation and find out if they are single.

3. What dating sites to use. There are so many of them these days.

Work too much they always say you can’t be there for me .. or there are too needy men

1. Confidence after divorce, rejection and all that crap.
2. Not wearing my heart on my sleeve and being all in immediately.
3. Figuring out who is actually worth my time and isn’t just filling a distraction void.

1. How to avoid hygienic problems with guys? I mean, I met guys online, but most of them have issues with mouth and teeth (missing and/or with caries) and of course I don’t know it, till I am meeting them. Should I go out with them after asking a pic with a normal smile where I see everything or what? 2 and 3. can be all of that what the ladies asked for because they are mutual problems, and all really valid ones! Thanks!

Overthinking, waiting for people to “come around” and falling in too fast. Now that I’ve recognized it, how do I change it? And what is too long to wait?

The importance of language. Words that can make a break a date or connection, making one seem weak etc.
Like to show if I show an interest in you it’s not coz I need you in my life but I want you in my life… I’m good either way.
2. What to do when guys say you are too good for me, and it’s over.. My standards are not dropping but obviously, something needs to change to keep someone around. It’s like like the idea of being with me but not really fully…

How to communicate when I feel intense emotions, it’s like I get stuck in my mind and they take it as me ignoring them however I am trying to handle the emotions especially if my feelings are hurt.
How to maintain attraction to them over time because internally I can be in love with them and then suddenly feel nothing for them which causes me to destruct the relationship yet regret it later when I feel again.
How to be less selfish and take their feelings into consideration more because sometimes I catch myself caring more about my emotions only as though I’m disconnected from them and forget they feel too.

Being ghosted, very little effort in communication, and higher expeditions from all my past or present partners.

Finding men that I’m both physically attracted to and have things in common with.

Finding men I’m physically attracted to who I have things in common with who are looking for and wanting to actually date with intention and get to know each other rather than just looking to “have fun” and “hang out”.

Men who put in the minimum effort required to plan and schedule a date.

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