Being more honest with others


When you realise that being honest with others is actually about being honest with yourself.

I’ve been blessed this week.

This week I’ve received a fair few questions about a huge variety of different things. From love, letting go, trust, sex to patience. All, very centred around some very honest themes. That theme is that we usually are holding onto something that we have to let go off.

That’s why, this week, I wanted to talk about being more honest with people, because it’s hard. I personally have made a life of it. I watched people that I love play games with each other and decided I decided that’s not what I want. Only later on in life, I realised sometimes games are required. Some people LOVE the games and the drama and it’s actually a form of communication that’s just as valid as anything else.

There’s a level of honesty that I am talking about today is not just the honesty we share with others, but also the honesty we share with ourselves. Sometimes when talking to people we hold back. We are not just avoiding telling them the truth, but we avoid hearing it as well. This might happen for a number of reasons. We are afraid of change, we are afraid of hurting them and many more.

Sometimes being honest means admitting we actually deserve more.

Each week, I send out these articles talking about letting go. For any problem that starts from within, it’s the fastest, most powerful and resolute solution. It’s also a natural process people go through if left to their own devices (although this can last years rather than moments when consciously done). This week, I invite you to let go of your fears around speaking your truth. When talking to people, realise what you want to say and what you don’t want to say, realise that you might be afraid of that something and decide in that moment that you’re going to let go of that fear.

In turn, you might find yourself being more honest. Saying things you wish you had said years ago. Saying things you didn’t know you even wanted to say. That’s the fun part of this process, is that it manifests behaviours you didn’t even recognise or know you could do but end up being far more beneficial than ever before.

If all of this is too hard, and you’re afraid of being afraid, decide you’re going to let go of controlling your fears. You might find yourself letting out a lifetime worth of fear in a matter of minutes (or hours, maybe a day, but usually not longer than that) but it will be worth it.


For those that wish to support me, as I wish to support you, I’ll be recording a short audio series that I’ll put up for sale soon (I’ll link it at the bottom of these articles as an option) about an introduction to letting go. Thanks for all the love and support I get from you guys and the emails each week. It’s bloody fantastic!

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