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Hey, so the other day I met up with someone and they told me about the guy they were seeing. The whole story! It was absolutely great! Girl meets guy, they go on a date, they have a really good time together 🙂 The whole story was really really good except for one tiny thing. She SCARED HIM AWAY! All she wanted to do was talk to the guy!

Imagine a situation where you meet a guy and you just want to know all about him! Trust me, I’ve been there, and I can honestly tell you from a guy’s point of view that we MIGHT not be thinking the same thing…

So, let’s talk about a situation You’ve met a guy, and he’s pretty damn cool. He’s not like any of the other guy’s you’ve met and you want to know ALL ABOUT HIM! This is all about how to really talk to a guy…
Unfortunately, if you ask him a million questions it might make him feel like he’s in an interview… if you order somebody like him around, then you might end up scaring him away! It’s a fine line right!??!?!
So if you’re in a point where you’re really fascinated by somebody but you don’t want to scare him off, you might need a new way of structuring your conversation so you can progress it without coming across as TOO NEEDY and scary?
The structure I want to present today is simply this: How to stop needy + boring conversations
The simple structure goes as follows:
  1. Ask a question
  2. Replace your second question with an assumption statement


So what the hell does this mean?

This means you’re not saturating the conversation with heavy hitting questions, but you’re also making things a little fun. When you make an assumption statement after instead of asking another question you’re immediately communicating a few things. The first thing you’re communicating is that you’re not that needy, that you don’t need to know so many questions, but also that you’re a bit fun.
An example might be instead of asking something like
“oh, did you grow up in Melbourne?” you might say
“you totally look like a Melbourne boy”
That immediately pokes the fun a little bit and adds the whole thing. If you’re wrong, he will correct you and it then gives him a chance to really speak up and take control of the situation… because it can be exhausting if the conversation is too one sided!

Watch the full video on youtube now 🙂

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