He Ghosted You?!? What to Do Next … (+ FREE GUIDE)


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

So what the hell is ghosting.

Oxford Dictionary Defines ghosting as the PROCESS OF BECOMING A GHOST… so no more texting… calling… seeing each other. IF somebody ghosts you… it absolutely SUCKS because you have NO IDEA What is going on anymore. You can ASSUME the relationship is over… but it doesn’t stop there.

Sometimes not getting an answer does so much more to us than you realize. It’s easy for you to feel annoyed, frustrated, and maybe if they are close to people you know, it might even affect your relationships. You might think, BUT I’M STRONGER THAN THAT… but unfortunately… and I do mean, unfortunately… we are all human… so we do make mistakes and we do have emotions that are actually pretty important!

So, there are THREE reasons why guys ghost you.

The first is that something has genuinely come up and they just focusing on whatever emergency came up.
The second is that they aren’t really that into you and they DON’T KNOW HOW TO BREAK THE NEWS
and the THIRD is that there is something blocking them from progressing further and they don’t know how to express it

Think of it like a road. These three reasons are like three different pathways, each with a LOG on it. The log stops HIM from walking any further and you’re left in the dust thinking “WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?”

The solution is something, that if you do this… you might potentially save the relationship if there is something worth saving… and if its gone down the toilet, then this will give you that answer and give you a breath of fresh hair that you might not have realized you wanted.

That text goes as follows:

Hey __________
I guess by your lack of response that I guess that’s it for us.
I had a lot of fun though
I’m glad we can still be friends.
P.s. some inside joke here.

What this does, is that it approaches all the avenues and leaves it on a nice note. If an emergency came up, then he will remember you and immediately come back, because you’ve left it on a nice note. If there was a mental block with him (maybe to do with an ex) this is where he will FREAK OUT and contact you straight away…
If he’s just not that into you… this will relieve the pressure a bit. You might even find out WHY! If he’s just not that into you… it’s not because of anything you are but just how you went about things Like wearing a shirt that doesn’t fit you!

If you want a breakdown for that text I’ve put together a little cheat sheet as well for you that you can quickly download in the description below. When you find out why the text is structured as it is… you’ll probably start to use it in all your text messages

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