How I’ve lost 3kgs this week through emotional surrender (weight loss)


This week I've lost 3kgs by surrendering my deep blocks to understanding my own weight loss journey. If this is for you, then get ready for a wild ride.

Ok, so this week I’ve lost 3kgs.

Not really a big deal right? for some it is. For me, it’s a huge sign of something new. A start of my brand new journey of weight loss. For a while, I used to call it Weight-loss Via Meditation.

It wasn’t really something that was working for me but against me. I gained weight, but now, I hit a breakthrough. Sometimes in life, we have to move forward. It’s calling us, we can’t do anything else but move forward. Other times in our life we have to move backwards.

Last week, I decided I needed to go deep into my issues and pains around weightloss. Will power no longer was serving me, and I embarked on this path to figure out weight loss through surrender around a year ago. Now, last week, I dived deep into my pain.

Discovering a forgotten part of me that loves my body and wants to eat healthier. Now, it’s easy. There is no effort. There is only love for my body and love for food.

And appreciation of the goal.

When you surrender the blocks, you make space for the desire to manifest itself in your life. You become emotionally available for your own success.

The age of willpower is over, the age of surrender is upon us.

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