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Tomorrow is my birthday! The 8th of August. I have this tendency to tell everybody about my birthday, so thank you for being part of it!

To celebrate it, for this weekend I’m giving 50% off all my online courses. If you want to claim this, use the code: 
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Honestly, every year I have put such a weight on my birthday. I think growing up I learned to love them because I was celebrated so vividly by family and friends. I used to value myself based on how many people would wish me a happy birthday.

To counterbalance that, for the last several years I’ve always had smaller events. Almost no parties or celebration outside close friends and family. The weight I put on it started to crush me.

Since I’ve learned about letting go and healing, I’ve honestly returned back to my original self but with a much deeper sense of peace. Meaning, I’m now capable of celebrating it but with a balanced mind. It doesn’t matter if I do and it doesn’t matter if I don’t, but I’d like to.

Over the last year, I’ve gone from a weird depression to feeling back on top of the world. Over the past 10 years I’ve gone from somebody who was inspired by the world, doing a world tour, starting businesses and failing at them and getting lost along the way emotionally and in life. Now I am bringing myself back to the man I was at the beginning. The man who was inspired by the world, and loved every aspect of it as I expressed my soul through it.

It has been a fascinating hero’s journey. In the end, I’ve learned about the unique gift we give to the world, our spark.

We each have a unique spark and something amazing to share with the world. A spark that nobody can take away from you. Life may force you to cover it up, but you’re the one who lets it shine.

So thanks for being apart of my 20s, and welcome to the Decade of the Sharam.

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