When you lean into discomfort you allow those emotions to heal. You're able to learn from them rather than shy from them. Discomfort becomes your friend.

Ok, so when you learn to lean into the discomfort you give your emotions a chance to heal.

Leaning into discomfort, embracing uncomfortable emotions helps heal the Cornucopia of emotions that lay beyond that wall. I think it is really easy to set up a level of inner numbness to function in the world. We collectively shy away from a variety of emotions, including shame, sadness, depression and anxiety.

Leaning into these discomfortable emotions, if even just for a second, allows you to start to fully heal those emotions. The cycle starts to complete itself and you start to become free from it.

In this video, we discuss this idea but with great depth. We also list off a few emotions and their healed counterpart, that the feelings we have consist of two components:

A stuck part


A healed part.

Once the cycle starts to heal and is completed, they shift to a much easier and more approachable emotion. 

Let’s get watching!

Thanks in advance!

Sharam Namdarian

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