Let’s Talk about Love (HMDP #74)


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After a week off, it’s time for episode 74~ NOW ON SPOTIFY~


I ask you this to challenge you, because some people, just some people, love their problems so much that they create more just to have more problems.


Some people love problems because, at a deep level, it helps them recognise love. That love, to them, is fixing things.

So, I want to talk to you today about love, and how to open yourself up to it in all forms, not just in ways that we think it needs to come.

You see, what I’ve discovered is that people often limit the way that love can come into their life by thinking it only has to come through a certain way.

When we are able to flip that around, we open ourselves to ALL FORMS it can come through, and as a result, we allow ourselves to start getting it through the form that we needed it to come through the most!

In fact, this is what my latest podcast is about, all about love!

On the other hand, when we think it has to come through a certain point, what we end up doing is choking the forms that it can come through. Especially if you’re in a position where the goal just keeps slipping out of your grasp.

That the closer you get to it, the further it just seems to be.


So, this time, I’ve released a new podcast about this. Where we look at love in all its forms, so you can start bringing it in the form that you need the most!!

I also tell you why I missed last week’s podcast!

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