People need you to do this for yourself…


What is one thing that people need you to do for yourself that makes both your and their life better?

Ok so, I want to make one thing clear.

No matter what place you are in this world, no matter what you’re current situation is, things are in a state of flux right now.

The world is shifting and will it shift back? We do not know. I’d like to hope so. If you’d asked me what I’d be doing this year, my answer would have been completely different, and I bet yours would have been as well.

During this time, however, we don’t stop. Our lives may have slowed down, depending on where you are you might be stuck at home, but YOU do not stop. Your heart doesn’t, your mind doesn’t, your soul doesn’t.

Every moment your heart beats, every moment your mind ticks away and every moment we create the world that we live in.

I’d like to think that the world has adjusted a little bit now, I have at the very least. In Australia, the first fines have rolled out for leaving the house without a good enough reason. The government is cracking down very diligently on this whole affair. 

I definitely have adjusted, I’ve spent far too long meditating in isolation to not be friends with it. Through all my deep meditations exploring the intricate nature of human existence, one re-occurring lesson has consistently and consistently turned up over and over again.

That’s the point of all this writing as well. It’s something you can do now and for free and turns up the volume on your appreciation of life (and in turn, what appreciates you back). 

Your homework, for once week, is to practise counting your blessings

If you feel that life is too hard, count your blessings.
Find something that is already working.

If you feel that your relationship is on the rocks, count your blessings.
Become more sensitive to what’s going well already.

If you feel financially struggling, count your blessings.
What are you lucky for? What abundance do you already have without even realising?

Counting your blessings is not a quick fix by any means, but it does help open your heart up to what is already working, allowing you to have a level head to operate in turbulent conditions. It also allows you to build an internal momentum and sensitivity towards what you want which in turn allows you to invite more of it into your life.

Another way of thinking about it is this:
Don’t drop your standards, but let go of what it could look like.

If intimacy looks a certain way, what else could it look like?
If an income looks a certain way, what else could it look like?
If love looks a certain way, what else could it look like?

Outside of scheduling a call and working with me directly
, this is one of those sure-fire ways to really build momentum during this time, activating your heart and soul on fire to levels of unforeseen love, passion and vigour.

I have few really good examples of how this works specifically with the people I’ve worked with, but I’ll save that for another email. If you schedule a free call with me, I’ll probably share a few if you ask.

EMAIL BACK TO THIS EMAIL with an example of where you think this could apply to your life? I always love the responses.

Thanks for reading.


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