Surrendering the Ego


In this newsletter, we discuss surrendering the ego in this world and what that means for your growth.

Some might say, that tough times are ahead.

The global pandemic has hit every corner of the globe and the world is getting more and more secluded. A tremendous amount of people have lost their jobs and the rest are working from home.

Not everybody is having a hard time. There are many people who are chilling at home who are mentally and emotionally prepared. These are the ones who are prepared to do anything. They either have set up a cosy lifestyle or have the means to do so.

There are the ones who are feeling stuck but will soon learn to do anything. That ego is keeping them in place and in this situation, will become more grounded and down to earth than ever before.

I write to you from a place of both. I am learning to surrender my ego. I had done it time and time again with relationships, coaching people, and now I do it from a place for survival. I don’t think I’ve ever thought things were that dire in life, but the people around me always seem to think it is.

But now is the time to surrender the ego, and most of the world have already done this.

What this means is that we surrender how good we feel. We give up trying to control it and trust ourselves that we’ll sort our lives out. If you’re in a tough situation, you’ll learn this the hard way:

Let yourself get out of the darker places that you might find yourself in, not force yourself. 

So, in this world of social distancing, please surrender now to make it a better place.

If you find yourself avoiding people because you don’t want to get sick, do it with a smile. Thank them for their distance. Just because we have distance doesn’t mean we have to be distant.

Also, I’ll be running daily online meditation sessions from my youtube, Instagram, and Facebook profiles if you’re keen to join in. 5:30pm Melbourne time. Feel free to reply back to this email with your preferred method of connection if you’re not already on one of these methods of connection.

Thanks for reading.


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