Practising Patience


Life can be hard, from time to time. Practising Patience can force you to take the time it needs to create what you want to create.

Life is hard sometimes, sometimes it is downright horrible. If you’re lucky enough not to be subjected to one of the many things that have happened to this year, then you’re privileged. I think we all are in some way, I hope.

But sometimes, life leads you down paths you never wanted to go down. You’ll desire things to happen in time frames that make sense to you at the time only for them to take longer than you expected.

Maybe you had a dream. Maybe you had a goal relationship, a job or some outcome. Maybe you’ve wanted to change the world in some way. Maybe it didn’t work out the way you wanted to.

If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this, then I’d say you’re lucky. We are in a world where things can change in a moment, yet the things we wish to build can take time.

Ideas can happen in an instant but sometimes true change can take a while to manifest. It only takes time because things need to be re-wired. Look at the current world climate. Health systems, police systems and even society had to be rewired. The world rewired very quickly to accommodate the virus. It might take time for people to feel safe in their own skin.

The difference between things happening quickly vs a while, I find, is resistance. Is there resistance towards the desired change. The world was quick to react to the virus because it is easier to stay home (and many people actually wanted to). Protests arose, (resistance) and now, the whole thing is falling down. Protests arise around black lives in America (and the world) to fight said resistance to make change easier. The black square on social media, however, had very little resistance and manifested very quickly. Regardless of if you believed it was a good idea or not, it did happen and it did spread far and wide.

At the end of the day, regardless of where you are, patience is not only a virtue but something that is forced on us. If a desired change in your life, the world or whatever, takes longer than you expected, patience is the thing to help you ride through the resistance.

It’s the patience that stems from believing in yourself and your cause.
It’s the patience that stems from trusting yourself.
It’s the patience that stems from healing.

I find, the more I meet really interesting people (those who are grounded and are in some way healed in a particular area of their life) tend to be the most patient. They accept the path, and that there is resistance to overcome, and those paths with the least resistance are the fastest. That energy has no resistance, but life does sometimes. I myself had to learn this, as I went on my healing journey, I became more patient.

Long-lasting change requires re-wiring. Re-wiring the way the world works, the way you think, the way we live our lives. From connecting with another human, starting a new career or changing the world. It’s the resistance that causes it to slow down.

Lasting-change requires re-wiring and that sometimes requires patience.

Thanks for reading.


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