What happens as a result of a coaching call?


Want to know the side effects of a deep healing coaching call? Well, this is for you. Tune in and read the effects of something that solves you problems.

So, I thought in this newsletter I’d shed some interesting light on some side effects of thing I do so readily.

Some side effects of a coaching call with me

Side effects you say? Good side effects? Bad side effects? What even is a coaching call?

Well, I’d thought I’d share them now because honestly, it is NOT what you’d expect. I have to explain it every time!

So, first up, if you don’t know what a coaching call is, let me explain:

My work is, at its core, inner work. When you jump on a call  (paid or free) with me it is actually a deep healing call based around the concept of emotional surrender.

No matter what situation you’re in, this is my personal method of coaching a person through it.

From situations around love, sex, intimacy, to deep PTSD, depression, grief. It is all the same.

The solution is not to run from it but to feel.

I as the coach, lead you through an interesting journey of healing where you get to (in a safe space) heal the blockages of the past.

It is these blockages that colour our experiences in the present. A person might suddenly during a call have a realisation of what they need to do. The key here is that I found through all my work helping and supporting people is that if a person figures something out for themselves it will always be much more powerful than me telling them.

So during a call, we relive emotions. Emotions that might block you from being the best you that you can be in life and various situations.

After a call, however, things might be different.

In the future, I might write up a newsletter about what happens during, but afterwards, things can really be spicy.

Most of the time, long-standing problems resolve themselves.

I don’t give a shit about what it is, it just keeps happening.

For example, in relationships:
A person will start becoming more confident.
They might meet somebody new or solve a long-standing problem.

It all seems to be rather automatic. This is because you, at a very deep core level of a person, are functioning more true to who you are.

On the other hand, much more complicated issues tend to lead a person to resolve a huge part of it. They start to make new movements towards it, no matter HOW SMALL.

It is really cool, in fact, my job as a coach is often pointing this out.

Often an untrained eye, they just might miss it. On your end, 90% of the time it will feel like there never was a problem at all.

My favourite story was a person I coached with social anxiety. A week after the call it was like she never had social anxiety in her life. Sure it might come and go, but how she handles it suddenly was different.


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