Right Place at the Right Time


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

This is an article for the dreamers. Those people who are expanders. Those people who have possibly been in a dark place to know that they want/deserve/are more than what they are. Like an infinitely expanding universe, you expand into your own being.

This article is for the lovers. Those people who recognize that love is in their life, regardless of if they love it or not. Those people who live and breath love and are not afraid of it.

This article is for the hopeful. Those people who have hope that there is happiness in the universe and to those people that live and breath happiness unconditionally.

More importantly, this article is for you. You fearless, ferocious, unbound, unleashed, loving, powerful person. You wild, untamable, refined beast. You living, breathing uncontrollable entity. You wildly addictive, unforgettable, sexual, sensual and lovable human being.

This article is for you!

That right now, just like always, you are in the right place, at the right time. As you read this article, you are in the right place, at the right time. That there is a level of trust that you have in yourself, and the world, and so as you read this article, you can feel deeply that you are in the right place at the right time.

All of this meaning is, that there is nothing to worry about, that everything will sort itself out. There is nothing to figure out, that life is figuring it out for you. That there is nothing to work hard for, that the hard work is being done.

That now, as you have always recognized, that there is a level of trust that you have in yourself and the world you live in. That nothing can go wrong, nothing is going wrong and nothing will go wrong.

That you know, deep down, that if something that you, in the past, would have considered to go wrong, that now it is just part of the process. That sometimes, for you to build a house, you have to knock down some walls. For you to meet somebody, any moment of fear you have is actually a lot of excitement and energy. For those times that you have been depressed in the past, now you know it is actually deep introspection. That you’ve actually always known, and now, as you read this article, you are reminded what your heart always knew.

That nothing can go wrong.

Everything is part of the process.

That you are the prize, and you always have been.

That there is nobody to sell, convince, change, or even influence.

That you are powerful enough, RIGHT NOW, to do so. That you are loving enough RIGHT NOW, to make it all happen. That you are already the master of your own life. That you are not somebody to be healed, that you are already healed. That you are not somebody to be loved, that you are already loved. That you are not somebody to be complete a goal, that you have already completed all your goals and life just has to catch up if you can’t see it yet.

And you also know, that if you forget this from time to time, you’ve got me, Sharam, as your coach to snap you back into it.

Thank you for reading.

Sharam Namdarian

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