What Attached (Attachment Theory/Styles) Left Out (Ask Harvey #72)


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)


Have you ever read the book Attached?

If not, that’s ok, but I want to talk to you about it today, because the book Attached has quickly become common knowledge when it comes to the world of dating and love, and definitely a key tool for those people out there who so wish to self-diagnose their own problems and to diagnose their partner.

For those people who are not aware, it generally covers 3 attachment styles when it comes to love. The first is anxious, the second is confident and the third is avoidant. What the book says, is that when it comes to love and connection, and more specifically, attachment, you will have one of 3 styles.

This has been a great blessing for a number of people, because it shares a great amount of information when it comes to your own attachment style, and there is something that I need to add to the whole situation.


The big thing that I have to add to this book is that you are NOT your attachment style. Your style or your partner’s style of attachment is exactly that, a STYLE.

Just like your clothing style, you have the ability to change it. If you are anxious, you have the ability to change. If you are avoidant, you have the ability to change.

Change, not in the sense that something is wrong, but to change in a way of growing into your own soul.

Not as a way to improve, but to explore your already perfect nature.

So this week’s video dives deep into this. In an experimental video, we talk about this a HELL of a lot more! We talk about this, the nature of love and the nature of styles.

If you’re exploring your own love life and the depth it can go, this is definitely the video for you!

So I thank you for reading this and I thank you in advance for watching the video! I do look forward to our relationship as we are currently working more and more together.

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