Why Sex On The First Date Doesn’t Matter (Ask Harvey #81)


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Look, sex can be amazing and it can also be terrible. More importantly than that, sex is filled with all these different significances that often can get in the way of our real connection from taking place. In today’s video, we talk about sex on the first date and really how it isn’t a big deal!

I say that sex is not a big deal because treating it as a big deal can choke off the connection from happening. Often we are afraid that if we have sex on the first date we will scare a person off, but when you let go, you realize that sex on the first date actually can be an expression of love.

I share this because there are a number of people that I talk to that are often caught up in the whole concept of sex on the first date. It’s the worry about this that actually often makes this happen. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. We often create what we fear. We do this because our energy reserves are often left to contemplate this, and in the video below you’ll discover real examples of it.

Letting go of the concept and conditioning behind sex on the first date can be another expression of self-love. When you realize it doesn’t matter, you’re also learning to trust yourself more and trust that you don’t have to resort to tactics to having a person like you, but instead can be yourself. When you be yourself, then maybe sex becomes an expression of love, rather than a symbol of your value. If you have any of my online courses, you’ll have access to a course called “Knowing Your Worth” for free which talks about this in great detail.

So, please, watch the video below. I explain this idea in a lot more detail.

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