Sharam Namdarian Guide to Open Relationships (Ask Harvey #71)


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I feel honest, totally blessed by you guys. Ok, so I’ve been working with you for a while, and honestly, I realize that everybody I interact with and talk to, and message, and who I personally get to work with to achieve a goal are honestly some of the coolest people I have ever met.

To that, I wanted to say thank you, for being one of those people!

Now, since then, I’ve noticed a big thing as a sort of collective consciousness that has become super apparent.

There are some of you out there who are interested in dating multiple people to learn more about themselves and dating and love.

And honestly, I’ve created an awesome guide on youtube that I am releasing today that dives really deep into the kinds of relationships, from polyamory to polyfuckery, but really, I want you to know one big thing that helps navigate this world of dating multiple people!

OK, so it’s worth noting, that there are two distinct kinds of dating when it comes to multiple people.


Now, Multi-Dating is where you’re single, ready to mingle and living it large. This can be a lot of fun and I really recommend people who have never done it, who want to learn the most about relationships and where they stand to at least give this a go once, even if it’s going on two dates in a week to realize that it’s not what you want.

On the other hand, we have Open Relationships, where you engage in multiple exclusive or multiple non-exclusive relationships. To this, I have to tell you the biggest and most important rule! DO NOT DO MULTIPLE IF YOU CAN’T GET ONE RIGHT. You will hurt everybody involved. If you can’t make one person feel special and amazing, then there is NO WAY THAT YOU CAN EVEN THINK ABOUT MULTIPLE.

Now, I know this is a curious topic for a lot of people, so that is what I’ve done this week in my Ask Harvey video on youtube. I’ve created the:


In this video, I talk in great details about open relationships, and we also talk about people who honestly use open relationships as a way to not deal with their commitment issues!

I’ve also gone out with my banana microphone to ask people important questions again!

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