Signs that you’re healing


It's not always clear, but signs that you're healing come not when you notice it, but when others do as well.

I thought I’d talk today about emotional growth. It’s been a crazy time during Covid-19. Some people have gone through some extreme anxiety, others have developed a new skill or worked on themselves. What did you get up to?

I know we aren’t through it yet, but hopefully, the worst is behind us. During this time, I learned a lot more about the art of letting go. I see the process of learning to let go of our emotional issues and hang-ups to be one of the most powerful ways to not only access the higher parts of life but also live life in a way that we dreamed off.

During this time, because of that process, I’ve become better at coaching, I’ve redefined my eating. All in the name of healing.

The thing is, today I wanted to talk about signs that you’re growing because honestly, the journey can be long hard, but mostly invisible. I say invisible because if you’re deciding to take the long route in life to manifest your dreams, you’ve recognised that healing yourself and your emotions is by far the most groundbreaking method of doing so. It’s THE method and it’s THE method that lasts.

However, at first, when you start to heal only you will notice the difference. You’ll notice that you might start eating healthily or worry less. You might text people more, have more of a social life or be more honest in conversations. There will be a lot of small little things you’ll notice and most importantly, it’ll feel like you’ve ALWAYS done them.

The new you will feel like the ALWAYS you. 

I personally, within the first few weeks of learning this process, started to be more ok saying that there are bad things in the world. Before then, I had a weird unhealthy habit that I didn’t even realise I was doing. I’d just deny that bad things happened to myself and strike it down to some spiritual disposition. 

The thing is, when you start to heal, the process might take a while but eventually, you’ll get to a point. This almost magic point is when others start noticing. They’ll notice and say things about you that will feel great. They’ll think highly off you, not because it’s false, but because they see the truth in you.

They will start to see the real you not because you’re faking it till you make it, but because the real you is shining.

You’ll start noting the real you too.

Thanks for reading.


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