The Anatomy of Manifestation.


Sometimes getting things wrong is a sign that your manifestation is working. Let's break down the anatomy to see how it really works.


There’s something I’ve noticed recently in the likes of people that honestly is another blockage in the manifestation of their own life.

That is a misunderstanding of failure in the role of what we are trying to create. I know right now half the world is under lockdown, but that is no reason right now to stop being us. Who we are at a fundamental level and what we are trying to achieve. We might just have to seek alternate means depending on what country we are in.

So, there’s a thing I’ve noticed that I find super interesting when somebody is trying to create something that ties perfectly into letting go (and a new meditation I released just this week).

That is misunderstanding failure.

Let me explain.
I see this, for example, in people trying to create a business. They want attention so they get it, only it is not from the right kinds of people (those who aren’t willing to buy). They then get annoyed. They then think they are getting it wrong (or blame somebody else) and thus, never really make any progress in that area.

Another example.
A person wants to find love or at the very least somebody to go on a date with. They then start to allow themselves to be more attractive or to meet people or whatever it manifests as. They get upset when they attract the wrong kind of people. They think they are getting it wrong (or blame the gender they are attracted to) and thus, never really make any progress.

The thing is, these two examples all have one thing in common. They both have somebody wanting something and then getting something that isn’t quite right. The business person gets customers who won’t buy and the dater gets admirers who don’t want to stay around. 

This is NOT a sign that things are going wrong.
They are a sign that things are going RIGHT!

Let me explain.

When we want to create something but the results we get aren’t quite right, that is a call to a higher purpose. It is meant for us to decide and to refine what we want and get specific. It is not a sign that we have done things wrong, but a sign that we are getting it right and it’s time to move onto the next level.

If we, as humans, want to create something we will be given lots of opportunities to express that something. We will also be given opportunities to get SPECIFIC about that something.

The above two examples.

Business Person.
Instead of saying
“My marketing is wrong” or
“The customers are bad” a person who has let go of the struggles that getting customers who will not buy can say to themselves,
“I wish to have customers who buy now, I am thankful that I have potential customers and people who give my business attention, but now I want them to buy.” 
So, then, with the next stage of consciousness in that area, they can now refine their wrong. They must, however, let go of the negative emotions associated to the struggle of having not as many people as they’d like buy otherwise they will be doomed to repeat that same situation. It’s a law of the universe if you will.

The Person Going on Dates.
Instead of saying,
“All men/women/other are jerks,” or
“Nobody wants to date me,” or
“all the good ones are taken,” they can recognise the nature of the situation and let it go. They might then say,
“The fact that I am getting attention from people, who might not be the right people, is a sign that I am moving in the right direction.” This person then gets the opportunity to then define what they want, and to be thankful for that attention they are getting. This then allows them to get better at screening potential partners/dates and ultimately, allows them to meet somebody they like. They weren’t so fussed with the smaller stuff anymore.

The key difference between the earlier examples and the new examples is that in the later examples they were thankful for things not going the way they wanted. It was a sign of expansion, not a failure.

I see this in business and in dating but also in other areas of life all the time. If you’re currently going through a struggle, email me back and I’ll reframe it for you in a way that helps support your growth.

Once we have let go of the struggle, often things work instantly.

For example, on my last coaching call, after we did a quick meditation on allowing herself to feel attractive, a guy she was interested in texted her as she opened her eyes from the meditation. Also, within a few hours after the call, she had managed to do things she thought was impossible in such ease and no effort it seemed instant and a bit “too good to be true.”

This shit is real. I love it so much.

That is why this week, I’ve released my brand new meditation. The Body Image meditation. After working on a method of weight-loss through meditation and letting go, I realised that no matter how I improved my body, I still was never happy. I had a lot of issues with how I looked, so I created a meditation that would help me let go of how I felt about how I looked, and honestly, within MOMENTS I had shed many layers of issue that I had around my appearance. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably notice I post a lot more selfies because of it.

So, check out the body image meditation today. Shed the layers and discover a deeper sense of self-love for how you appear in this world. Love how you look unconditionally. Click here to learn more/get access.

Thanks for reading.


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