The fear of professionalism.


The fear of professionalism is actually the fear of what happens if we might admit to ourselves that we are good at something. New questions come up and in this video we discuss those questions.
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Not talked about a lot online, let’s talk about the FEAR OF PROFESSIONALISM.

This fear is common and widespread and I want to share a lot that I have learned through my own work as a coach, a social media guy and stand up comedy. If you get anything from this, please let me know. The fear of professionalism is often the fear of being seen a certain way. What happens when you’re seen that way? Often the fear of professionalism is actually the fear of what comes after that.

The sudden criticisms, the questions people will share, the hurdles you’ll have to cross are all different. If you refuse to admit to yourself you are good at something, you can be safe.

If you admit that you ARE good at something suddenly you can be a target. In this video we cover this deeply, my own journey and some examples of what my own experience with this specific fear is.

The Fear of Professionalism

Sharam’s own journey with the fear of professionalism

My own experience with the fear of professionalism came from the different hurdles I would have to cross with admitting I am good at something. Upon healing this, I realised that for my whole life I had this fear, and that as soon as I got good at something I would start to shy away from it.

Now that I have processed that fear I can see now the exact questions I refused to answer. Questions about said professionalism from parents, friends, co-workers. A lot of other people have beliefs about what you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do, and as a result, people that are close to you can feel comfortable with your career choices, your success or even your lack of success. The fear itself kept me safe, made me avoid those questions, but also simultaneously held my career at bay.

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