The Social Confidence Course with Sharam Namdarian

Heal Social Anxiety and the Blocks towards an Amazing Social Life!

Sharam Namdarian

A Comprehensive Guide to healing social blocks by professional Life, Social and Relationship Coach and Emotional Healer:



Learn the Steps towards LIFE LONG HEALING in your Social Life.

The process is simple but can you take the steps? This is not course on what to do or what to say but what to FEEL! When you break down, heal and process the emotions towards, in and after your social life, it moves so easily and effortlessly. It's a whole new world!

Take Active Steps NOW that are SAFE and don't cause more anxiety.

From almost 10 years coaching, it can be hard if a person is pushed into situations they don't want be in or aren't ready for. This process is a take it as you are process, and you will not have to actively modify your life for. It blends in, like all of Sharam's work.

Watch how Social Anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

Seriously, it is NUTS. Watch how social anxiety just fades in new situations as you have the steps towards healing those said situations. As you heal your relationship towards one situation, you'll see it dissolve towards ALL social situations. Allowing you to shine AS YOU ARE.

Most people are NOT living their potential in their social life.

Imagine your social life getting easier and easier, that's what happens when you start to heal that anxiety.

This opens you up to new and exciting situations and to life itself.

Sharam has been coaching this topic for so long that at one point he still even had hair.

But here’s the catch. In this course we will discuss the ins and outs of healing your OWN blockages towards a higher social life. This means you will not be given scripted lines or social structures just the journey to healing your blocks yourself.

Every social situation is different, and the blocks are easy to heal.

Sharam has privately also used these healing practises to heal his own social anxiety, and still does with new situations that come up.

From your social life, Career life to your love life.

Interesting and new social situations rise in day to day life, from work, life, career and even love/dating. If you’re like Sharam, life is worth leading, and moments are worth seizing!

The content here works in all these situations, and in the course, you’ll learn some wacky situations where it has worked.

Homer Bush Reversed is Social Confidence

Introverted, Extroverted, Doesn't Matter.

This is about your SOCIAL LIFE, and it is ok where you’re at. Even with Private Coaching, the goal isn’t to force people into situations they do not want, but to allow them to FEEL what is going on underneath.

In fact, it works BETTER if you’re starting from WHERE YOU ARE AT. Means, if you hate talking to people but want to, START THERE. This means, if you’re shy but a little bit social, START THERE. This means if you’re already a social god and WANT MORE… well… you get the drill.

You will also discover Meta-Confidence, which means even if you still have down moments in social situations, they become part of the plan.

Listen to it Online... RIGHT NOW!

Yeah, that’s right. ONLINE, right now. In your ears!

On your computer, on your phone, in your pocket, as you go for a run or as you sit at home. You’re the boss in how you listen, just keep an open mind and fully let the guided healing take you!

The Social Confidence Course with Sharam Namdarian
The Social Confidence Course with Sharam Namdarian

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Some of the Social Situations Covered:

Meeting People | Networking | Making Friends | Dates | First Dates | Blind Dates | Flirting | Starting Conversations | Social Events | Social Anxiety | Big Social Events | Meeting Partner’s Family

Course Breakdown:

That’s 1.5 Hours of Guided Healing. Usually Valued at Over US$700 in Private Coaching, and you get to repeat it over and over again and get more out of it.

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The Social Confidence Course with Sharam Namdarian

2.5 Hour Audio Course to create Breakthroughs in Your Social Life. Instant Access. Listen on this Website.

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