Trying to be normal doesn’t always help.


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Ok, so I realised something BIG this week.

and like all big things, they often come from a really small place.

As usual, like I teach, I was practising the art of surrender. That is, to feel your emotions without trying to change them or modify them. This is an act of healing in itself. If you’ve been watching my youtube channel you’ll see I talk about this in almost every single video.

This week I was focusing on feelings of worthlessness within me. Surrendering to those feelings rather than fighting them.

So, as usual, I realised something. I’ve realised deeply that for my whole life I’ve tried to fit in. While I’ve always been an outlier, doing really extreme and different things as far as a life path is concerned, I’ve always secretly wanted to fit in.

It was hard being me, seeing the world differently. I always seemed to be the odd one out. From friends in high school, to usually being the token little Indian boy (even though, truly, I’m not that Indian since I was born in Australia). Even growing up, I never seemed to fit in because the drama that other people went through never seemed to make sense to me.

This week, I realised that need to fit in was trying to keep me safe. It was almost a self-sabotage. If I stopped trying to fit in, what would be left?

To stand out.

And standing out is scary. To stand out, you are vulnerable. Vulnerable to attack, ridicule and to be undermined.

But what else comes with standing out?

Standing out can be vulnerable, but it can also be powerful. Standing out means you’re choosing to be exception, not just in a way that others can recognise but in your own unique way.

A way that is unique for your soul.

That’s why, since then, more and more every day, I am now less afraid to stand out. My ideas are ideas that will change the world. My work with people is one that is deeply healing. The results I get are ones that can change lives.

We try to fit in, and that’s ok, but when we do we often do it at the detriment of shining.

So this weekend, I invite you to contemplate this.

What makes you stand out?

Are you willing to let yourself shine more?

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