We don’t always need to know the answers


When you don't always need to know the answers, you can do this instead.

Questions unanswered can plague the mind. If you’ve been like me in the past, you may have been plagued by one or two of these situations. Where you want so desperately for something to happen, yet despite your best efforts, it doesn’t.

My journey for healing was this way. I tried so hard to heal myself, yet despite my best efforts, it wouldn’t.

My journey as a dating and life coach happened this way. I tried so hard to make it happen, yet despite my best efforts, it wouldn’t.

Heck, I’ve been trying to get abs for my entire life, and despite my best efforts, it wouldn’t.

Questions, that plague our mind and soul, have the ability to not only drive us insane but also keep us inside our mind. Keep us thinking, slowly stepping further and further away from reality.

That is why I personally love the process of letting go. Usually, very quickly, we get out of our mind and back to reality, and this email is exactly about this. The process of letting go, but with regards to stopping the over-thinking process.

There is nothing innately wrong with over-thinking. Not at all. Over-thinking has personally got me out of many situations that under-thinking wold has found troublesome. The thing is though, if the answer is not always clear and you don’t know, a sure-fire solution is to stop trying to answer the question. Let your inner momentum build and trust yourself that you’ll fill out that process.

Don’t know what to text somebody? Don’t worry about it, and let the perfect text come to you.
Don’t know what career path to talk? Take your time, and trust yourself you’ll figure it out.

Our attempts at having all the answers now stem from a lack of trust in ourselves and life. The more a person learns to trust themselves, the more a person is comfortable with being patient. 

Also, I find this process to be very freeing because you can dare to dream a little bit. You can let your imagination run wild and worry less on how it’ll manifest. If it is truly in your destiny, and you’re whole enough, it will come.

Usually when we are ok with both ends of the spectrum, that’s when we create what we want.

Thanks for reading.


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