Why Some People Play Games with Love and Why Others Don’t


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Why do some people play games when it comes to their love life and other people don’t? This is not only for those that are single, but even in a relationship, there are those who will often feel like their partner is playing games. Maybe they don’t feel like their partner is being genuine. Well, regardless, it all comes down to one little thing, and by reading this article you’re going to learn more and more about it. Maybe even let go of it!

The worthiness of Love.

Do you believe that you are worthy of love? Do you know it? Do you understand it? I’ve often observed through all my workings and dealing with people that those who play games for love are actually afraid. They don’t believe that they are worthy of love so they play games for it. This is like trading for love. Games can come in many forms, it can come in the form of waiting a few days to text. It can come in the form of holding back affection to “teach them a lesson.” Regardless, it does come to your worthiness of love. Those that are worthy (or feel worthy) will often be confident in asking for what they need. They aren’t worried about the ramifications of what it looks like because they know they are worthy of it. This is just one example of the idea of “loving yourself.” Really, it comes from a form of letting go. You’re not to worried about the emotional consequences because you’ve dealt with them.


Jane is a woman in her late 20s and doesn’t feel so good in relationships. She always feels like people are using her or only want one thing from her, so she is a bit tentative about her relationships with men. She wants to be loved but never trusts men. If they say one thing, she looks out for if they will do another. She then feels like she needs to look up online articles on “how to get a guy to like her.” The article tells her to play hard to get, and she’s meeting up with a guy she really likes that night. He is excited to see her also, but once he meets her for the date notices how cold she is. The beautiful vibrant woman he met earlier was no longer visible, or barely visible. Jane, on the other hand, on the date was yearning to be herself and say certain things. She was too in her head playing hard to get. In the end, they try to become intimate, and because now they are both in their heads, the sex is awkward and confusing. They are now both trying to prove themselves to each other. The next day her date sends her a message saying,
“It was a nice night, but I don’t really see us going any further.”
Jane is left thinking,
“See, I told you, men are only after one thing.”

In this above example, the games resulted from a darker place, a place of fear. Usually what we fear is what we create. Her date really wanted to connect with the real her, and so did she, but she was just too afraid of it.

On the other hand, those who are worthy of love…

Those who are worthy of love are not afraid to ask for it. They know they are worthy because they don’t try so hard and realize they were always worthy. They also know that anybody is worthy of love. That it’s not so hard. That love isn’t so hard. They aren’t so afraid of asking for what they need because they don’t care what it means about them. While others might be afraid of expressing themselves because they fear what it means about them, those who are worthy of love know who they are and so know that other people’s opinion’s don’t matter too much about them.

They don’t even care about self love because it’s not something they have to worry about. They aren’t too fussed about it. They know they are a good person and so they live their lives. They don’t try and prove it to anybody else. They are another manifestation of love.


Laura is a fun and incredible woman. She’s exciting to be around and is always up to fun and interesting things. She also doesn’t mind being alone from time to time either because she’s really got her life handled. She’s also not afraid to be alone either. One day Laura meets a man, and he’s into her. They all sort of are, really. He asks her on a date and she says,
“sure, why not!”
When they do go on the date, they hit it off. She isn’t worried about what he thinks of her, and as a result, comes across as not only charming and confident, but this guy really gets a clue for who she really is. She even allows him to open up in ways he has never done before, and at the end of the night they decide to become physically intimate. The Sex is incredible! Just another good thing that happened that night. The next day they get breakfast and spend the day together because they just can’t get enough of each other. He loves her the same way she loves herself.

Now, what about this example do you notice differently from the other one? Laura isn’t afraid like Jane is. She isn’t too worried about what might happen or isn’t trying to prove herself. As a result, the connection potential she can share with anybody is incredible. It will always reach it’s potential and she doesn’t really worry about that too much.

One thing that is worth pointing out.

With all the stuff that I share, some people might wonder why I am asking women to let go of fear. Some women might say,
“Well, what about the men?”
To them, I say that I teach the exact same thing. If you want your woman to open up, you have to be as open. Women, if you want your man to open up, you also have to be open. Whatever gender or orientation you are or have, it’s the same thing.

Fear closes your heart and connection potential, love does not.

It is through fear that we have to play games.

It is then through fear that we create our worst nightmares.

Love yourself.

Thank you for reading.

Sharam Xx

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