Online Dating Profile Tips for Women (or Humans) – Ask Harvey #38


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Yeah, so, here’s an update.

A few days ago I had a crazy idea while sitting at my computer while answering people’s questions. I decided to put a call out on my Facebook for people to send me their online dating profiles if they were having issues with online dating.


Now, if you know me *|FNAME|*, you know I’m a fan of meeting and promoting people to meet people in real life, but online dating itself has it’s place.

It’s a little bit like online shopping, it’s a bit hard to tell if it will fit and sometimes you have to send it back!


So, I’m not going to tell you the three biggest findings here, you’ll have to watch today’s video for that, but what I will tell you now is a huge mindset shift that can change the way you look at online dating!

The biggest mindset SHIFT is this:

If you want online dating to work the best for you, don’t treat it like an advertisement, treat it you’re starting a conversation with somebody. Somebody you already know.

To many people treat somebody differently just because you might be interested in them. It’s this future projection that you end up having an imaginary romance with the person in your head before it’s even started…

This causes some problems because we end up treating the person very differently. You might think it’s good to treat somebody differently or treat them special, but my question to you is, sure do that, but why CHANGE YOURSELF TO MATCH WHAT YOU THINK THEY WANT, rather than who you are and what they actually want.

The thing is, I say this because I’ve often seen people’s profiles not match up to the real version of them. The photos they pick aren’t really them at all, their description doesn’t represent them at all, and well.. the conversations they have are just too “nice.” Pretending to be something that they are not!



So, now it’s time for some awesome feedback!

Some real quality feedback with some examples!!!

Make sure to watch the whole thing, because all the stuff in this video is gold!

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