2022 has been BONKERS and 2023 goals!


In 2022, a lot happened and it was BONKERS. In 2023 we smash even more goals, more bonkers stuff is going to happen. Let's talk about comedy, life coaching and healing and the progressing life journey that is Sharam Namdarian.

Look, 2022 was crazy bonkers. A lot of things happened. I started doing standup comedy, learned more about entertainment, started smashing my own health goals, dissolved so much anxiety I didn’t even know about. In this video, we break down what happened in 2022 and the goals of 2023!

In 2022:

  • I moved home TWICE
  • Gained control of my health.
  • Started stand up comedy.
  • Met so many people.
  • and a hell of a lot more!
2023 goals
Smashing 2022 fitness goals. What does 2023 have in store!? See the full video on: CLICK HERE

2023 GOALS:

In 2023, some of the goals and new years resolutions include:

  • Starting my Sharam Namdarian media empire.
  • Doing my 2023 Melbourne comedy festival show
  • Making it more in Comedy
  • Figure out what I am doing with my coaching

Honestly, a lot of my 2023 goals revolve around just following the momentum I have already set in the past year.
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