How to ACTUALLY believe in yourself – Ask Harvey #59


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Do you ever feel like people don’t listen to you? Like you’ve been taken for granted? I find this can be one of the most painful places to be in. Not because you feel down but it can bleed into other parts of your life.

It’s like when you’re feeling taken for granted, all of a sudden you may not think you’re enough. Enough for somebody, enough for love, enough to be alive.

I say this because I’ve been there. I’ve been to those dark places where you just are not sure if you want to keep going or not. Sure, that might not be you, you might be reading this thinking,
“Yeah, I’ve felt that, but I really just want to be more radiant, or brighter, or get more attention,” well, to me I say,
“those two are one and the same thing.”

Learning how to be taken seriously and how not to be taken for granted, those are the same thing.

The key is your FOCUS!


I’ve said this time and time again, your focus is where your energy flows. In fact, I was not the first person to have said that! It’s an old adage that so many coaches preach and preach and preach, but I secretly guess that they don’t fully understand what it truly means.

I once spoke to a person who hated where they lived. They hated it so much that when they moved out they moved to a place EVEN WORSE! They couldn’t believe it! How was that possible?!?!? On the other hand, as soon as I spoke to that person and they realised how much they loved the city they were in and how it’s actually pretty good, they started to form new neural associations to it, and BOOM! They loved the place they lived, they made it better and when it was time to move, well… you better believe they moved to someplace EVEN better!

The key here to this story is NOT that they hated where they were, but they LOVED where they were.

For example, some people hate their bodies. They hate them and as a result, they just don’t get fit. Only when they realise that they love their body do they then invite more and more of that healthy live style into their lives!


Well, if it is about your focus, then shifting your focus is what we need to do! In this week’s video, we talk about self-doubt and some major focuses that you can have that can radically shift your point of being. One of growth or one of pain!

In this video, we share a few major mindsets that will make a major shift in your life. If you embody them, if you learn from them, there’s no place you cannot go with them. You might want to watch it a few times to let them sink in!

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