Attraction is NON-Physical before it is Physical.


Non-Physical attraction happens before physical attraction. In this video we cover the difference between being attractive and attracting your ideal love.

So, attraction, that weird little thing, is non-physical before it becomes non-physical.

What does this mean? Well, for one it means how you look doesn’t matter as much as you think. In fact, you’ll find that often when people try to look a certain way to be attractive, it is more than once they achieve that result they give themselves permission to be attractive.

So, in this video, we cover two forms of healing and attraction.

Becoming more attractive.

Becoming more attractive is less about looking a certain way and more about witnessing your own attractiveness. That underneath all the blockages that a person might have, YOU ARE ATTRACTIVE. Already.

So, looking at your relationship with yourself and your own attraction levels becomes very interesting. All these thoughts and feelings that you are not attractive, that you have to look, be, or do certain things are all thoughts that need to be healed.

Pretty soon after this, a person is able to start to witness MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE what is ALREADY attractive about themselves. It is at this point other people are able to see it more.

All these little thoughts and beliefs just get in the way.

Attracting your Ideal Partner

Here’s the joke, we talk about how to be more attractive, but being more attractive doesn’t always mean you’ll attract your ideal partner. In fact, that could be another blockage.

These thoughts and beliefs around attracting a loved one are the very things that get in the way, that we have to be or do certain things.

In fact, the rule with this is, when you’re willing to come to them, they often come to you, and when I work with people often they find themselves in new situations meeting new people, then BAM, meeting very special new people!

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