An EXCITING new Direction…


Time to share an EXCITING NEW DIRECTION. In this video we break down some stuff I have been fealing about coaching/comedy and content! An Important Video.

An EXCITING new Direction…

A Channel/Career/Website Update!

This video is a channel update, but also a bit of a life direction update. I’ve been exploring stand-up while also healing a lot of things in my life, like social anxiety and well… career anxiety.

I think it is really easy to think you’ve got to do one thing with your life to be happy, and while I’m fairly monogamous in my relationships, I’m probably less with my career.

Kids are constantly being told to pick their life direction at a young age like they’ve got it figured out by the age of 12, as an adult it is really easy to keep that unconscious behavior up.

A Realisation

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking I’m not getting where I am going with my career, and as I’ve spent my time healing that blockage, I’ve realised one thing:

I wasn’t being authentic enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being a life/relationship/love/social/sexuality/whatever coach, but I also like being a total idiot and also proving the impossible. I love healing but I also like making jokes.

A brief stint into comedy has taught me this.

So, this is a bit of a channel but also a career direction update. That I will be expanding the sort of content I am producing.

If you don’t really care about what I do, then great, why the hell did you read this far ya sociopath?!!

If you do, well, it’s exciting to have you on this journey with me. I’ll still be doing coaching/workshops/healing and whatnot (frankly I am a JUNKIE FOR THAT STUFF… give me another hit please), but, like I already have been doing, I’ll be exploring other content, shows, media platforms, whatnot.

It is pretty exciting to be in this stage of my life and if you told young Sharam that his life would be like this in his 30s his tiny head would have exploded.

Anyway, ty for reading, ty for watching.


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