How to Charm a Guy (increase Social Skills) – Ask Harvey #39


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Social skills are a funny thing.

We all might know what’s attractive about us, but do other people?

I mean, we can think things but if we don’t show it nobody will know! Now, I am not saying that you have to show off, and try new things, but what I am saying is that your ability to communicate with people IS a skillset in itself.

That’s why they call them SOCIAL SKILLS.

They are a SKILL, and like a SKILL, they can be practised!


Now, aren’t social skills just natural? Either some people have them or some people don’t. To that, I want to let you know a little mindset shift. Sure, they might be natural but they are practised.




Your entire LIFE you have been practising your social skills. When you were a baby learning how to talk and walk when you were a teenager in high school and now where ever you are, you’re STILL LEARNING.

You always will be learning new things, so the question you want to then ask yourself is,

“do I want to learn things that work for me, or not?”

Now, personally, I think we learn some really bad social skills from social media and television. TV brings us the news which breeds us problems. Social media and “scrolling through” platforms don’t really teach us how to start conversations, but how to listen in. As a result, there is an epidemic of people who are too scared to say hi (because they don’t THINK they know how) and people who THINK a conversation should look a certain way.

So, today’s youtube video is about three things that you can do that you can practise NOW in ANY conversation that is going to make you a HELL OF A LOT MORE CHARMING.

These are your social skills, your abilities with humans. Your skills at being social!


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