How To Get Him to Listen to You [FREE TEXT MESSAGE]


There is no summary written for this, you'll just have to read it and find out :)

This is good,

A text message that you can send him if he doesn’t listen to you!

Or if you need more respect in your love life.


Because this is what I call a “CRYSTALLIZATION.”

It is a way of expressing what you need and deserve in a split second. In a situation where you’re not being heard, we call this a problem situation. When you navigate a problem situation, you want to do it with care because your mindset can easily turn it for the worse just as much as it can turn for the best.

For a good text message like this to occur, in this problem situation, and if you want to have three major elements.


So the first element that you want to include when expressing yourself in a problem situation is a statement of love. You NEED to express the fact that you’re coming and talking about the problem from a place of love. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS, then you run the risk of creating more problems than usual.

The second element that you want to include is a call to action. You want to give the person your texting a sense of direction. If you don’t include this, then all you’re doing is talking about a problem, rather than a solution. You and I both know that when you talk about problems more than solutions, you often create more.

The third element you want to include is very clear. YOUR INTENT. You can’t go into a problem situation not knowing the outcome you want. Do you want him to listen to you? Do you want him to include you in things? How can he know unless you know as well? I include this because I find, as a coach, this is part of my job, to help people get in touch with their wants and desires.

So are you ready for the text message?



hahaha, do you hate me right now? I spent all this time building up this amazing text message only to block out half the message!

Well, that’s because the video that goes along with this text is VERY IMPORTANT. If I give you a superpower I have to also show you how to use it otherwise you might get it wrong!!

Click here to watch the full video!

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