How to Be an Amazing Lover (Ask Harvey #84)


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Woah! Things are getting raunchy up in here! In today’s video we talk about how to be an amazing lover, but not in the way you might think. This is not an instructional manual, but an accurate description of the emotional landscape that two lovers share, so get ready for it, because it’s time to learn how to be an amazing lover!

Ok, so, what does it take to be an amazing lover. One thing I often teach people is about high self-esteem, because of holy hell when you have that you have nothing to lose, but let’s talk about the real world for a second. You may or may not have high self-esteem so it’s worth talking about the two major components of intimacy. That is you (your component) and them (their component). Your component is about letting go of what you think sex looks like, which allows you to see their component, which is what they actually want and need.

Imagine for a second that your partner could read your every move. That you two almost shared a sort of psychic link, that your bodies and minds were so in sync that you could feel what they wanted before they even could verbalize it. You’d feel pretty good right? You’d feel blown away (or I’d at least hope so). As a result, you’d probably think that person is an amazing lover.

Now flip it! Imagine you can give that to another person! Well, that is what we talk about in today’s video. So grab some popcorn, buckle up and get ready to learn how to be an amazing lover.

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