How to be INSTANTLY more attractive!


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I have been preaching a lot about this recently, but the secret to being instantly more attractive does not happen when you learn any tricks. It doesn’t happen when you stand a particular way or change your hair to be a particular way.

It happens, however, at this very core fundamental thing, and that is raw honest expression. EXPRESSION is the key here. EXPRESSION FOR EXPRESSION’S SAKE! Even if you don’t get a reply or the response you wanted, THIS is a major secret behind attraction.

Often you’ll find that really, most of the time, that people are terrified of expressing themselves, and so ultimately we don’t learn the lessons we need to experience. That most of us, we communicate like a broken record… too afraid to let the other person know how we are actually feeling, and then we never get the ultimate experience that we need: the lesson that we could have learned.

Raw expression is so fundamental to the dating and relationship world, because once you learn how to express yourself in this deep level, for what you actually are feeling (if you find that person cute, then say it!) then you learn HOW to say it in a way that is received well, but you can’t get this lesson if you didn’t actually say it in the first place.

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